[PVE-User] Best way to RAID1 a Proxmox VE server?

Theron T. Trout ttcom at mellonway.com
Tue Mar 31 04:56:55 CEST 2009

Hi Myke,

I setup a Proxmox VE server with 6 SCSI drivers in RAID 1+0 (stripped
and mirrored).  It was a total of 1.2TB and it was blazing fast.  We
configured a second, near identical, Proxmox machine and initially
didn't setup the same RAID configuration and it was considerably slower.
 The speed difference was most startling with Windows 2003 KVM clients,
particularly during boot.  The RAID 1+0 setup was a lot faster than the
other machine.  Unfortunately, I don't recall how it's RAID was
initially configured.

Unfortunately, we were under some tight deadlines, so I wasn't able to
do any formal benchmarking before reconfiguring the slower machine.  If
I ever get a chance to I'll try to pull some hard numbers, but I doubt
I'll get to tear down one of the two machines any time soon.

Hope that is helpful,


Theron Trout
Principal, Mellonway LLC

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mykel at mWare.ca wrote:
> HI all, I suppose this question might be a bit out of scope for this 
> mailing list, but I'm rather out of touch with Linux's modem storage 
> system and I'm unsure as to the best way to go about setting up my PVE 
> server on RAID. I also want to make sure it gets done in a way that 
> doesn't interfere with the management system (which is why we're all 
> using PVE in the first place, right?) and/or any possible future 
> changes/interactions that may come along.
> I'm running a recently updated PVE that was originally created using the 
> baremetal installer CD.
> Thanks in advance,
> Myke
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