[PVE-User] Next version (Was:Re: Windows 2003 hangs when rebooting)

Martin Maurer martin at proxmox.com
Tue Mar 17 14:53:52 CET 2009

> > KVM-Releases:
> > As we do not know when KVM releases 85 (I assume quite soon but ask
> the KVM team for this) and how stable it is on our platform so I cannot
> go for a fixed date. We will test it as every release and if it’s a step
> forward we will include it in Proxmox VE.
> Perfect.
> My email was not to ask "when is it done". But more an enquiry into
> where you stand currently. What are you guy's working on behind the
> scenes etc.
> Not because I'm impatient, (Or at least trying hard not to show it) but
> simply curious. Perhaps someone could test some stuff for you. Or donate
> money for more hardware, lik I did.
> Thanks for a wonderfull product,
> Mark

Yes, donating is always a good idea - thanks for this. We still need a lot of hardware stuff regarding the testing lab for SAN equipment.
As soon as available, we will publish the Lenny testing repo (4/2009) and it will be very essential to test this a lot, so everybody with some spare time can help here.

Br, Martin

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