[PVE-User] Next version (Was:Re: Windows 2003 hangs when rebooting)

Martin Maurer martin at proxmox.com
Tue Mar 17 14:27:45 CET 2009

>----- "Andrew Niemantsverdriet" <andrew at rocky.edu> wrote: 
>> When is the next version due out?
>I'm sorry to butt in like this. but a lot of people are asking about when the next version will come out. The answer so far has always been: "we are working on it."
>As we know people are doing this in there spare time, so we just have to wait and see. If Debian can take 5 years between releases, Proxmox VE can certainly take two ;-)
>At the same time though, a bit more info from the people "in the know", would be nice. Are we talking months?

We cannot publish a release date for the final 2.0 due to many reasons – one important is software quality. I see no benefit in announcing everything in the news - this does not improve development speed or stability. 

But if you read through the forums, you will see that the move to Lenny is scheduled for 4/2009. And you will read why we do not released KVM-84.
We will go step by step to new versions of our packages and there will be a lot in the current year.

If you followed the project, there were many small fixes the last months, so just take them with apt-get. 

As we do not know when KVM releases 85 (I assume quite soon but ask the KVM team for this) and how stable it is on our platform so I cannot go for a fixed date. We will test it as every release and if it’s a step forward we will include it in Proxmox VE.

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