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Venefax venefax at gmail.com
Sun Jan 18 22:48:56 CET 2009

Dear Promox

I get this error when trying to migrate an OpenVZ VM:

(the container never used quota).


/usr/sbin/vzmigrate 109


Starting migration of CT 109 to

Preparing remote node

Initializing remote quota

vzquota : (warning) Quota file exists, it will be overwritten

Syncing private

Syncing 2nd level quota

vzquota : (error) Can't open quota file for id 109, maybe you need to
reinitialize quota: No such file or directory

Error: Failed to dump 2nd level quota

VM 109 migration failed -


From: Martin Maurer [mailto:martin at proxmox.com] 
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To: Venefax
Subject: RE: Unstable, very




about which e1000 do we talk here – do you have detailed version of the
intel driver? Do you tried ACPI multiprocessor on the new KVM version?


Best Regards,


Martin Maurer


martin at proxmox.com




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From: Venefax [mailto:venefax at gmail.com] 
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To: kvm at vger.kernel.org
Cc: Martin Maurer; Dietmar Maurer
Subject: Unstable, very


I use Proxmox bare metal installer and have an application that really
pushes the Windows 2K3 envelope in terms of network bandwidth and processor.
It is a VOIP switch. I use the latest virtio drivers and the latest KVM
available at January 17th. The virtual machines have 4 processors. They are
so unstable that they just crash and disappear from memory after one hour of
heavy traffic. There is no option like in Xen “on_crash restart”. The
drivers are not so efficient, since in Xen the same application exactly has
the same performance, except that it is stable. I can show the developers my
setup and see if they can figure out why windows 2K3, 32 Bit, crashes so
much. I am using the SMP HAL, but the one that is not ACPI, to get some
performance. I tried using the E2000 network drivers but the performance is
inferior to the virtio drivers.


This technology must be more efficient, ceteris paribus, than Xen, since
there is no hypervisor. It is not so far. So maybe somebody can use my
machines to trap the root of the issue. The Proxmox box is almost perfect,
except for KVM.

Please contact me at venefax at gmail.com.



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