[PVE-User] PVE on Dell PE T105

ijez ijez76 at gmail.com
Wed May 14 10:41:42 CEST 2008

Hi Laurent,

I don't think that was the problems, after running in debug mode suggest by Dietmar, my first impression that, this server's DVD ( SATA one detect as /dev/sr0 ) was too picky with the installations media ( I have 2 T105 server, and both have the same error or unless the installations wasn't support using SATA DVD / CD? ), by running /sbin/unconfigure.sh manually, i can get the IP from DHCP server, so the NIC was out of questions here, but the installations abort with the error "Bus Error" on line 105 in /sbin/unconfigure.sh which point to the command "xinit -- -dpi 96 ..", i guest it fail to run the installations GUI. Running manually, xinit -- -dpi 96 also give the same "Bus Error" messages.

Futher more, i running dmesg, i found that a lot of error related to media sector unreadable ( burning the PVE iso into the new CD also won't give any help ). The interesting part is, i took this installations media and boot into another PC and it install all the way without any problems. Now i trying to download another iso just to isolate the installations media issue.

I'll update this thread if i found anything useful for others.

Thanks and Regards,

Laurent Piguet wrote:
> I don't know if this could be useful, but I have had issues with this
> particular server model and the fact that it comes with a NIC
> (Broadcom 5722) that is not supported by the default Debian Stable
> (Etch) installer. To resolve easily, I simply put in another network
> card to perform the install, and then installed the required modules
> once it was up and running.
> Laurent
> At  2008-05-14 08:22, ijez wrote:
>> Hi Dietmar,
>> Thanks for your reply
>> Dietmar Maurer wrote:
>>> Please can you try to debug that? On the boot prompt type:
>>> # linux proxdebug
>>> Then the install process opens a debug shell at various stages.
>>> Simply type CTRL-D to continue installation.
>> Ok, i'll try that and report the problems if i have found any.
>>> At what stage does the installer fail?
>>> - Dietmar
>> At the lilo boot prompt, after i press enter, it dislay the PVE logo
>> with F2 option for the verbose mode, a minutes after that, the
>> server restart without printing any error ( even on the verbose mode
>> by pressing F2 )
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