[PVE-User] PVE on 32bit?

ijez ijez76 at gmail.com
Mon May 12 10:09:31 CEST 2008


>> Currently, on the others 6 server that i couldn't migrate to VPE
>> server is because it was 32bit. I'm running CentOS 5 32bit with
>> OpenVZ container on it with about 3-5 CentOS 4 32bit container
>> running LAMP on it.
> [Martin Maurer]
> So just move this 3-5 32-bit container to Proxmox VE, what is the
> problem here? 
> You can run 32-bit containers without problems.

Completely understood, _but_ (see answer below )

> Maybe your existing hardware is not 64 bit capable? Ok, then I see
> the problem. 

Yes, that the problem, my existing server is not 64 bit :(

>> Hmm, maybe i still don't really understand what is running under the
>> hood when i setting the ORIGIN_SAMPLE="pve.auto". Can you explain
>> what it really did to the containner when i'm setting this?
> [Martin Maurer]
> As you know the resource settings are not so easy to understand,
> especially for beginners with OpenVZ. Therefore we decided to set
> most parameters automatically, based on your hardware. Additionally,
> we solved the issues when you run OpenVZ AND KVM virtual machines
> together on the same host, so PVE management also brings OpenVZ
> resource Management to KVM, i.e. you can limit CPU resources for KVM
> in an OpenVZ compatible way. So both systems can run parallel. (On
> all existing systems I know KVM can eat up all resources, which in
> effect disable reasonable resource control).        
> This is possible when you set ORIGIN_SAMPLE="pve.auto" to your
> existing config after you moved your container to Proxmox VE. you can
> test this, just add this and then change memory or disk space on the
> web interface - after you clicked save, the config file is updated.
> Now compare the new one with the old one and you will see what we
> did.     

Ok, i have done all that.

>> I wish it all automatically set but if i'm wrong, i would like to
>> have the ability to manually tune the setting like :
>> Memory / Swap Management :
>> CPU Core and QoS management :
> [Martin Maurer]
> All these settings are set automatically in order do not conflict
> with other virtual machines on Proxmox VE, see above - but you can
> overwrite them if needed but not recommended.  

Cool, Ok this is fair enough to me.

>> ( maybe with number of failcount like in UBC? ).
> [Martin Maurer]
> We try to bring a UBC monitoring to the web interface to see what´s
> going on. 

Really appreciate it. So we know and could visualise on what happen under the hook :)

>> Most of the time, all these setting is always bug me and need me to
>> pay special attention to it ( Read : Zimbra Server on OpenVZ
>> containner :)).
> [Martin Maurer]
> Did you see my posting here about installing Zimbra?
> http://www.zimbra.com/forums/installation/17683-running-zimbra-proxmox-virtualization-environment-based-openvz.html
> see attached a screenshot of my Zimbra installation (on Debian etch
> 32). 

Ok, i miss this post, actually I rarely visit zimbra forum, My personal preference is mailling list discussion than the forum ( i do search the forum when i need the answer :)).

> Do you run Zimbra on OpenVZ/Proxmox VE? 

Yes, i do have a couple of Zimbra server running on OpenVZ containner ( Now have been migrate into PVE ). 

I don't know if it was a problem or not, on the containner view under virtualizations menu, i see a 100% CPU usages. When i check the HN CPU by click at Home link on PVE web, it just utilize between 9-20% CPU. So maybe i have miss something here ( The HN is Quad Core 2.66Mhz processor with 8GB RAM). It is a normal behavior that the containner is utilise all the CPU allocate to it all the time?

> I am thinking of building a
> virtual appliance with Zimbra, personally I think Zimbra is one of
> the best Linux based Groupware systems.  
> Br, Martin

Don't think, just go for it :) 

Ok, seriuosly, i agree with you. Zimbra is the best and so easy to install Groupware that i have ever tried. If you could create the appliance that run out-of-the-box with PVE, that was fantastic ( I'm sure will give it a try ). From what i have do, it PITA to configure it to run properly with my enviroment on the OpenVZ ( about 1000 user ), need to monitor UBC all the time until it all satisfied the Zimbra need, or you will keep getting the complaint from the user for the slow loading of webmail or unresponsive email systems :(

Look forward for the appliance.

Thanks and Regards,

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