Status Ceph 18.2.1 for enterprise

Mark Schouten mark at
Fri Jan 12 13:10:05 CET 2024


We upgraded a cluster to Reef yesterday and we’re suffering from laggy 
OSD’s, a lot. There seems to be an issue where RocksDB is looking for 
64k blocks that are aligned, but cannot find them (fast enough). The OSD 
starts logging stuff like:
2024-01-12T10:01:59.513+0100 7f339ae146c0  0 
bluestore(/var/lib/ceph/osd/ceph-3) log_latency_fn slow operation 
observed for _txc_committed_kv, latency = 37.572166443s, txc = 

This issue seems to exist for a while already, but did not show up, 
which is ‘fixed’ in Reef. Someone close to the Ceph community advises me 
to upgrade to 18.2.1, but it’s not in Proxmox Enterprise yet.

What’s the ETA on that? I would like to keep the cluster as ‘enterprise’ 
as possible and refrain from mixing repo’s.

Relevant Ceph tracker links, which I understand little of because I’m 
not smart enough to be a developer of Ceph:


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