[pve-devel] [PATCH widget-toolkit] i18n: mark strings as translatable

Maximiliano Sandoval m.sandoval at proxmox.com
Wed Dec 6 15:04:42 CET 2023

Dominik Csapak <d.csapak at proxmox.com> writes:

> it's more like DHCP, SLAAC or IPv4. those are names of protocols (like ACME)
> that shouldn't change across translations
> and we removed those gettexts (mostly) a while ago
> e.g. see lxc/Network.js in pve-manager:
> ---8<---
> boxLabel: 'DHCP', // do not localize
> --->8---

Do note the following examples:

    #: pve-manager/www/manager6/qemu/IPConfigEdit.js:97
    #: pve-manager/www/manager6/qemu/IPConfigEdit.js:155
    msgid "DHCP"
    msgstr "بروتوكول التهيئة الآلية للمضيفين (DHCP)"

    #: pve-manager/www/manager6/qemu/IPConfigEdit.js:163
    msgid "SLAAC"
    msgstr "Autoconfiguration SLAAC"

    #: pve-manager/www/manager6/ceph/CephInstallWizard.js:476
    msgid "First Ceph monitor"
    msgstr "أول جهاز مراقبة"

What would be the purpose of removing the translation of the words
themselves if they are already being translated elsewhere.


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