[pve-devel] Some translation strings missing

Daniel Koć daniel at xn--ko-wla.pl
Tue May 4 13:44:14 CEST 2021

W dniu 04.05.2021 o 09:12, Thomas Lamprecht pisze:
> Some of those are things like "OSD" or "Ceph" which cannot be translated, 

I don't see there is a strong dividing line. The only ones that really
should not be translated are those which would create technical
problems. Other than that there could be for example transliterations
(like "Цэпх" or "Цэф" for Ceph in cyryllic - just like McDonald's in
Russia or Bulgaria), aliases ("IP 4" instead of "IPv4") or maybe long
versions etc. One never knows.

On the other hand there are also some rare unneeded ones, like:

#: pve-manager/www/manager6/storage/Base.js:65
msgid "1"
msgstr ""

#: pve-manager/www/manager6/data/ResourceStore.js:186
msgid "maxcpu"
msgstr ""

> Do you want to take a shot at this and send a patch? It shouldn't be
> too hard,
> relatively speaking.

Yes, I will try that so we can move forward.

It would also help me send translation changes so they can be easily

> The latter was not made a gettext as it's a long text, really different
> from the other classic field or button label texts. It changed a few times
> already, and it's way harder to review for correctness. Further, we
> currently cannot detect gettext instances spanning over multiple lines, so
> the parser would need adaption.
> That's not saying I'd reject making it a gettext in general, just stating
> the reasoning for initially not doing so.

Sure, I understand that. Just some thoughts:

At some point it would be good to let translators catch up with the
latest changes before the release. I see no problem with rearranging
text like this, but it can be "freezed" for translation in RC phase and
"unfrozen" after the release. I was translating some rare big chunks of
gettext before, so it exists in the real world.

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