[pve-devel] Direct migration from XenServer to PVE

Gandalf Corvotempesta gandalf.corvotempesta at gmail.com
Wed Jan 27 10:13:52 CET 2021

i'm the author of this simple tool: https://github.com/guestisp/xen-to-pve

it works by exporting a XenServer DomU directly to PVE in one phase,
there is no need to export, extract, join each chunks and so. Just
call it and a new image file is made.

But there is one issue that i'm unable to resolve: the image should be
imported with "qm import"
This lead to loss of time (an additional step is needed) and space
wasted (the image coming from XenServer should be stored somewhere on
PVE and then imported).

I would like to write directly to the ZFS volume .
Can someone tell me how to do that or , even better, make a PR ?

I'm not interested in the ownership of the project, if useful, you
could add that in PVE natively, the only missing thing is writing
directly in the volume during the extraction.


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