[pve-devel] HA: vm shutdown/stop behaviour and other HA questions

Thomas Lamprecht t.lamprecht at proxmox.com
Wed Mar 6 08:21:06 CET 2019


On 3/6/19 7:59 AM, Alexandre DERUMIER wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm finally going use HA on my cluster when proxmox 6.0 will be released (waiting for corosync 3.X).


> and, I have notice than shutdown or stop on vm, call both "HA stop" , which call "vm shutdown" then stop HA.
> Is is possible to implement a true "vm stop" without shutdown ?

it could be, but do you need this often? We assumed that more often HA VM/CTs
are wanted to be shutdown gracefully.

> Also, I have notice than when we start/stop/migrate vm manually, it can take 10-20 second between the HA action,
> and the real vm action. (Seem to come from the 10s sleep in crm + lrm, between each loop).

yes, exactly, you have worst-case 10 seconds until the current Master (CRM) picks
the migrate/relocate command up and after that, worst-case additional 10 seconds
until the LRM sees the new state, coming in at ~20 seconds in the double worst-case.

> Is is possible to reduce this sleep for manual actions ? (not sure if it's related to watchdog ?).

theoretically yes, but we then probably want do nothing if there's no change
(e.g., no new CRM command) as some users already complained about writing out
the LRM status every 10 seconds (they though it was bad for the pmxcfs DB backing
storage, but IMHO this really shouldn't do much for current gen hardware which is
able to write >100GB per day and still achieve lifespans for >5years.)

> In the futur, I would like to add some kind of balancing/scheduling of vm (memory/cpu balancing),
> I think it's the right place to do it ? 
> I have looked in /usr/share/perl5/PVE/HA/Manager.pm, sub select_service_node,
> seem pretty basic for now. (try node by priority, and by nodeid, try_next if it's failing).
> I think they are lot of improvment possible here.

yes, this was a bit prepared for that use case, just didn't come around actually doing it.

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