[pve-devel] HW driver / DKMS

Dmitry Petuhov mityapetuhov at gmail.com
Sat Jan 14 10:29:02 CET 2017

Yes, you can. Just install pve-headers package corresponding to your running kernel. Also you will have to manually install headers on every kernel update.
Or you can just wait for next PVE kernel release. It usually contains latest RAID (including aacraid) and NIC drivers.

But I don't think that you will have much gain of these features.

13.01.2017 20:23, Waschb├╝sch IT-Services GmbH wrote:
> Hi there,
> Can I use the dkms infrastructure with proxmox kernels?
> I ask because there is a newer driver for current Microsemi / Adaptec RAID adapters:
> http://download.adaptec.com/raid/aac/linux/aacraid-linux-src-1.2.1-52011.tgz
> (or for dkms) http://download.adaptec.com/raid/aac/linux/aacraid-dkms-1.2.1-52011.tgz
> Release notes: http://download.adaptec.com/pdfs/readme/relnotes_arc_11_2016.pdf
> According to the release notes the driver enables:
>  - NUMA support for the RAID controller products. This provides
> improved performance under NUMA CPU architectures.
> - Added command coalescing support for RAID devices for small
> block sequential I/Os.
> Both these features sound promising and I'd really like to give em a spin. ;-)
> Thanks,
> Martin
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