[pve-devel] HW driver / DKMS

Waschb├╝sch IT-Services GmbH service at waschbuesch.it
Fri Jan 13 18:23:42 CET 2017

Hi there,

Can I use the dkms infrastructure with proxmox kernels?

I ask because there is a newer driver for current Microsemi / Adaptec RAID adapters:

(or for dkms) http://download.adaptec.com/raid/aac/linux/aacraid-dkms-1.2.1-52011.tgz

Release notes: http://download.adaptec.com/pdfs/readme/relnotes_arc_11_2016.pdf

According to the release notes the driver enables:

 - NUMA support for the RAID controller products. This provides
improved performance under NUMA CPU architectures.
- Added command coalescing support for RAID devices for small
block sequential I/Os.

Both these features sound promising and I'd really like to give em a spin. ;-)



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