[pve-devel] [PATCH v2 pve-manager] Allow email adresses with a toplevel domain of up to 63 characters

Emmanuel Kasper e.kasper at proxmox.com
Wed Sep 30 10:17:17 CEST 2015

> Hi
> Please, let me to do a question:
> Several mail servers require auth for accept a message (for after send
> it to
> addressee), so my question is if is possible add this option in PVE GUI.
> (and if is possible, also choose a port number, and a SSL/TLS connection)
> Notes:
> 1)All programs that i know has these options for choose, and i think that
> will be fantastic have these options enabled in PVE.
> 2) When i administer the mail server, and the server is in the LAN, i
> configure a relay in the mail server for each PVE node, but such setup
> isn't
> the ideal, and when the mail Server is out of the LAN (ie, in the WAN),
> such
> setup is not recommended (for avoid the problems of SPAM that may have the
> computers into the LAN), so i can not configure the send of mails in the
> nodes that are into the LAN... :-(
> Best regards
> Cesar

Hi Cesare !

You ask a goodf question, but unfortunately we cannot add a checkbox in
the Web GUI for every bit and blob option that a SMTP server or Qemu knows.
If we do this, we satisfy the power users, at the expense of getting 80%
of the users confused by having even more options for simple tasks

It is much better to propose sane defaults in the UI which cover most of
the use case, and leave the extra bits to manual editing of the
configuration files.
postfix is a depency of pve-manager, so all proxmox hosts have it
installed. So instead of fiddling with SSL expiration date in
pve-manager, it is much better to delegate the handling of this to postfix.

Now going back to the situation of having the SMP relayhost outside from
the LAN, I see at least two ways of setting that up:

* you can configure the relayhost, to only relay mail coming from your
LAN external IP adress

* as an extra step you can also configure postfix on the proxmox host to
send email via SSL and Authentification to your relayhost, there is a
good howto on that here, using Google SMTP servers as the relayhost but
it should work with any mail server.

Best Regards

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