[pve-devel] virtual terminals in LXC

Jeremy Davis jeremy at turnkeylinux.org
Wed Sep 30 08:25:30 CEST 2015

Thanks very much Dietmar,

My bad! Turns out those few lines of code shouldn't run in an OVZ/LXC

Your comments prompted me to compare the v13.0 initscript. In that there
is a test for console support before those lines.

I was under the impression that the init script hadn't been updated for
Jessie (as we moved to systemd). I've reinstated the test and will
continue testing.

Thanks again for your input and apologies on wasting your time.


On 30/09/15 15:14, Dietmar Maurer wrote:
> Hi Jeremy,
>> # setterm -blank 0
>> setterm: terminal xterm does not support --blank
>>    -appears to be a Jessie thing...!?
> I guess you should avoid to set this for containers. You can do this
> by inspecting the environment variable 'container', which is set to 'lxc'
> in our case.
> You can also try to set TERM in the container config file:
> lxc.environment: TERM=linux
> Does that solve you problems? Maybe we should set that by default?
>> # fgconsole
>> Couldn't get a file descriptor referring to the console
> I have done a quick test with OpenVZ, and I get the same error with openvz.

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