[pve-devel] Qemu-img thin provision

Cesar Peschiera brain at click.com.py
Sun Sep 27 02:16:55 CEST 2015

I am agree with Mir... I have the same problem, sometimes i forget that i 
should to do a click in the option "answer everyone" for that the email 
arrive to "pve-devel at pve.proxmox.com"

On Sat, 26 Sep 2015 14:56:03 +0200
Michael Rasmussen <mir at datanom.net> wrote:

> This is how your list server is configured. Your list server also adds
> the header: Reply-To: original sender <original at sender.bar>
> Which means that a great many MUA's will mail to original sender only
> when user hits 'Reply'.
The way to solve it once and for all in a way that works with all MUA's
is this:

Old-Reply-To: original sender <original at sender.bar>
Reply-To: pve-devel at pve.proxmox.com <pve-devel at pve.proxmox.com>
Precedence: list
List-Post: <mailto:pve-devel at pve.proxmox.com>

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