[pve-devel] Qemu-img thin provision

Dietmar Maurer dietmar at proxmox.com
Sat Sep 26 15:17:39 CEST 2015

> On September 26, 2015 at 2:56 PM Michael Rasmussen <mir at datanom.net> wrote:
> On Sat, 26 Sep 2015 10:20:20 +0200 (CEST)
> Dietmar Maurer <dietmar at proxmox.com> wrote:
> > first, please do not send private mail. (use the mailing list instead)
> > 
> This is how your list server is configured. Your list server also adds
> the header: Reply-To: original sender <original at sender.bar>
> Which means that a great many MUA's will mail to original sender only
> when user hits 'Reply'.

AFAIK our list server does not touch the reply-to attribute. This is
set by the poster instead:

Mailman docs says:
This option controls what Mailman does to the Reply-To: header in messages
flowing through this mailing list. When set to Poster, no Reply-To: header is
added by Mailman, although if one is present in the original message, it is not
stripped. Setting this value to either This list or Explicit address causes
Mailman to insert a specific Reply-To: header in all messages, overriding the
header in the original message if necessary (Explicit address inserts the value
of reply_to_address).

There are many reasons not to introduce or override the Reply-To: header. One is
that some posters depend on their own Reply-To: settings to convey their valid
return address. Another is that modifying Reply-To: makes it much more difficult
to send private replies. See `Reply-To' Munging Considered Harmful for a general
discussion of this issue. See Reply-To Munging Considered Useful for a
dissenting opinion.

But if someone starts a discussion on pve-devel, he should continue to send mail
instead of switching to private only mails.

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