[pve-devel] Backup scheduler: Perl error

Michael Rasmussen mir at datanom.net
Fri Sep 25 23:13:00 CEST 2015

Hi all,

Every time the backup scheduler runs is see this in log for every VM
that is backed up:
Use of uninitialized value $cmd[8] in exec
at /usr/share/perl/5.14/IPC/Open3.pm line 186.

proxmox-ve-2.6.32: 3.4-163 (running kernel: 3.10.0-11-pve)
pve-manager: 3.4-11 (running version: 3.4-11/6502936f)
pve-kernel-3.10.0-10-pve: 3.10.0-34
pve-kernel-2.6.32-41-pve: 2.6.32-163
pve-kernel-3.10.0-11-pve: 3.10.0-36
lvm2: 2.02.98-pve4
clvm: 2.02.98-pve4
corosync-pve: 1.4.7-1
openais-pve: 1.1.4-3
libqb0: 0.11.1-2
redhat-cluster-pve: 3.2.0-2
resource-agents-pve: 3.9.2-4
fence-agents-pve: 4.0.10-3
pve-cluster: 3.0-19
qemu-server: 3.4-6
pve-firmware: 1.1-4
libpve-common-perl: 3.0-24
libpve-access-control: 3.0-16
libpve-storage-perl: 3.0-33
pve-libspice-server1: 0.12.4-3
vncterm: 1.1-8
vzctl: 4.0-1pve6
vzprocps: 2.0.11-2
vzquota: 3.1-2
pve-qemu-kvm: 2.2-11
ksm-control-daemon: 1.1-1
glusterfs-client: 3.5.2-1

Michael Rasmussen

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mir <at> datanom <dot> net
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