[pve-devel] External noVNC without proxmox panel login

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Fri May 8 12:28:48 CEST 2015


Currently I'm trying to create an external VNC connection using the HTML VNC
application 'noVNC'.
I'm using the ProxMox API commands 'vncproxy' and 'vncwebsocket' which
almost work perfectly.

One problem tho. The connection only works when I'm logged in into the
proxmox web panel, while this is exactly what I don't want.
I found this topic;
Which basically describes the same problem I'm facing.

The solution was to let noVNC login into the ProxMox web panel, providing
the login into the javascript code (which is no option for me).
Or to alter the proxmox perl file to allow external VNC connections with
ticket authorization, but without the proxmox login problem. Unfortunality
this person did't respond any more, after someone else asked if he could
share his solution.

Is there anyone that has a fix for the problems I'm facing described above?

Thanks in advance!

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