[pve-devel] qemu incremental backup merged in qemu master

Cesar Peschiera brain at click.com.py
Fri May 8 00:39:37 CEST 2015

Hi developers team

If is possible, i would like to know if anyone have interest in add some
features to PVE.

Since long time ago i would like to have some features in Proxmox, and it is
that in PVE GUI we can apply a restore of VM, but with the selection of a
specific storage for each image of disk that is to restore, instead of
restore all the images of the virtual disks in a single storage.

Also i think that would a good option of that we can choose for the
restoration, the disk images that should be restored.

I believe that these two features will be very useful for gain time in a
restoration of backup when the VM have few or several images of disks
enabled in different arrays of disks, or when the volumes of the images of
disks has a large size.

This features have as purpose avoid a set of steps that manually we must
execute by CLI, that takes much longer to finish a restoration successful.
Moreover, these new features they will avoid the need of have much more
space available in disk for execute such intermediates procedures.

In addition to what i explained above, if is possible add the option of
incremental backups, i think that PVE will have a complete solution of
backups and restorations very useful for all kind of cases.

The best of success for you all

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> http://git.qemu.org/qemu.git?p=qemu.git&a=search&h=HEAD&st=commit&s=backup
> yeaaahh :)
> (memory unplug should be merged soon too)
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