[pve-devel] dhcp server

Stefan Priebe s.priebe at profihost.ag
Fri Jul 25 21:53:43 CEST 2014

Is DHCPv6 really in use? I thought everybody will use IPv6 Neighbor 


Am 25.07.2014 21:45, schrieb Michael Rasmussen:
> Hi all,
> The dhcp server is completed with the following limitations:
> 1) A monitor for changing binding state for expired leases is missing
> 2) No IPv6 functionality yet since no module is available for IPv6.
> IPv6 dhcp seems to be completely different from IPv4 dhcp which
> requires a lot of reading. Since no module seems to exists in perl for
> DHCP6 I will need to create a module from scratch. This can take some
> time. From what I have discovered so far IPv6 seems to come with a
> simple DHCP server build in. Clients use this by network neighborhood
> discovery and it is only needed for boundary routers which is taken
> care of by hardware routers/switches. Any comments?
> You can clone the code from here:
> git clone git://git.datanom.net/pve-dhcp-server.git
> Please post comments and questions to the maillist.
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