[pve-devel] OpenVZ for Upstream

Daniel Hunsaker danhunsaker at gmail.com
Tue Apr 29 11:45:42 CEST 2014

Three things I'd like to point out here.  The 2.6.32 is patched by RedHat
with much of the later (upstream) features of and improvements to the 3.x
kernel.  Second, the cgroup stuff came from OpenVZ almost exclusively
anyway - LXC is just a reimplementation.  And third, the OpenVZ team have
realized that sticking with 2.6.32 as RedHat has done in their current
stable (7 should be out soon, as I understand it, and will then become the
current stable) is not the best decision they've made, and efforts have
been underway for some time now to bring OpenVZ into the 3.x line.  Indeed,
the lead Proxmox devs have been working with the 3.10 kernel, prepping it
for a near-future release, for several months now.  So we will be seeing
this soon.

That said, this is a good proof of concept to see.  Hopefully the
maintainers of vzctl are open to the patches you've made and will be
willing to merge them, though I wouldn't be surprised if there were some
tweaks to the specifics.  I believe that LXC will be added to the Proxmox
virtualization options when it is mature and stable enough to do so without
interfering with OpenVZ or any of the other moving parts that make Proxmox
go.  (And I'm sure I'll be corrected on that if I'm wrong. :-) )

In short, much of this is coming, but thanks for sharing a glimpse at what
it might look like for today.
On Apr 29, 2014 2:12 AM, "Kamil Trzciński" <ayufan at ayufan.eu> wrote:

> As proof of concept written in my broken english:
> http://ayufan.eu/projects/proxmox-for-upstream/
> Kamil Trzciński
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