[pve-devel] Fw: Better translate to Spanish language

Cesar Peschiera brain at click.com.py
Tue Apr 8 08:00:13 CEST 2014

Dietmar, thanks for your answer, but I wait more details, for example:

1- When i have the new "es.po" file, must i copy it to a particular 
2- The file ".mo" isn't necessary?
3- For your answer, i guess that i don't need install some dependences, 
4- This file "es.po" is compatible with what versions of PVE?
5- Only for precaution in case of make a big mistake, what files i must copy 
first before that I run the command "make dinstall"

If I know all these details, in the future for the new versions of PVE GUI,
I will be able to do it without the need of ask you.

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>> Please tell me what I need to know for do the test, and i will review all
>> (You
>> do not will lose anything with this).. or what's the disadvantage?
> There is a Makefile inside pve-manager, and you can simple do
> # make dinstall
> to create and install an updated package.

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