[pve-devel] Updates for Proxmox VE 3.1 - including Comodo signed Java VNC applet

Martin Maurer martin at proxmox.com
Wed Nov 13 10:25:19 CET 2013

Hi all,

We just uploaded some packages, containing bug fixes and small improvements. Most important, we signed our Java VNC applet with a Comodo code sign cert. This means, you do not get the annoying Java security warning anymore when you run the Java VNC applet - Make sure you run latest Oracle Java 7u45 (or latest icedtea7-plugin if you are on a Linux Desktop).

A big Thank-you to our active community for all feedback, testing, bug reporting and patch submissions.

Release Notes

-  vncterm (1.1-6)
  * use Comodo code sign cert for applet signature
  * set Caller-Allowable-Codebase and remove Trusted-Library. This avoids security popups with latest Java 7u45. Also see: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/19393826/java-applet-manifest-allow-all-caller-allowable-codebase

- pve-manager (3.1-24)
  * fix IP address parser for OpenVZ containers
  * fix UPID parser for long uptimes (> 497 days)
  * subscription updates: set UserAgent header on proxy connect request correctly set content type for GUI index page
  * allow to add ipv6 address to OpenVZ containers
  * spice: ignore the case of the characters in hostname match

- libpve-access-control (3.0-8)
  * spice: use lowercase hostname in ticktet signature

- libpve-common-perl (3.0-9)
  * export regular expressions for IPv4 and IPv6 addresses
  * fix upid parser for long uptimes (> 497 days)
  * do not use 'intl' variant for en an gb keyboard layouts

- libpve-storage-perl (3.0-18)
  * ZFS plugin: add support for istgt

Updates can be applied via GUI or via apt as usual (no reboot necessary).
Best regards,

Martin Maurer
Proxmox VE project leader

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