[pve-devel] Count monthly traffic

Stefan Priebe - Profihost AG s.priebe at profihost.ag
Tue Mar 12 13:45:44 CET 2013


i'm still struggling.

1.) first i need to update the status.c file and introduce:
pve3.0-vm folder.
2.) What are these skip steps? in status.c?
3.) Then i need to update PVE/API2Tools.pm to pass the additional values.
4.) bin/pvestatd needs to be updated to add the new values

But then we have 32 values + the old ones in one rrd file. Doesn't it
make sense to introduce new files instead of blowing the old one?

Why not using something like this:
PVE::Cluster::broadcast_rrd("pve2.3-vm/$vmid_net0", $data);
PVE::Cluster::broadcast_rrd("pve2.3-vm/$vmid_net1", $data);

So we have an rrd for each network card?

Am 12.03.2013 05:37, schrieb Alexandre DERUMIER:
> yes I think you can look at pve2.3 patches in statuc.c .(it's really easy).
> As an rrd can't be easily changed, you need to create a new rrd file/structure.
> Each rrd have a "stream", values are send in the stream across each host, then each host write values in rrds.
> (except some values which are skipped (status.c) and not writen to rrd, but only keep in memory, like "running" value for example) 
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> Hi, 
> Am 11.03.2013 16:23, schrieb Dietmar Maurer: 
>>> do i need to add pve2.4? 
>> next version will be 3.0 ;-) 
>> This will require some low level C hacking in pve-cluster/data/src/status.c (search for rrd). 
>> We need to create a new rrd definition, and we can use key 'pve3-vmnet'. 
>> Just tell if you need more help. 
> Thanks i would start to look at Alexandres patches where he introduces 
> pve2.4 would this be a good starting point? 
> Stefan 

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