[pve-devel] GUI / openvz templates with multiple architectures

Dietmar Maurer dietmar at proxmox.com
Tue Dec 3 08:39:57 CET 2013

> > > First, the GUI does not handle amd64 template.
> > >
> > > How's that? Is it that the pve-manager needs some work?
> > > Perhaps I can help with that, how do you feel about this
> > Some help on that would be great. Please can you join the pve-devel
> > list first, and discuss those things there?
> > Also read: https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Developer_Documentation
> Hi! I would like to help on a couple of things; I am not fluent with perl, and I
> don't have a clear idea about the architecture of PVE or even most of its
> components, but the issues on which I feel able to help seem to me quite
> isolated and simple enough. I hope I am not wrong :) 

Note: the GUI is written in javascript using extjs

> And perhaps starting with
> this will help me grasp the global architecture.
> First, I'd like the GUI to handle templates with multiple architectures, e.g. debian
> 7 amd64 and i386; I guess:
> * each "entry" in aplinfo.dat should get a new "Architecture:" field


> * the pve-manager code should take into account this new field
> * we should add an "arch" column on the GUI

or maybe add a combobox to select either i386 or amd64 - else those list simply gets to long?

> I don't know if there are other implications that I am not aware of.
> I have located a couple of starting points for this:
> * pve-manager/aplinfo
> * pve-manager/PVE/APLInfo.pm

www/manager/storage/ContentView.js (PVE.grid.TemplateSelector)

> Second, I'd like to add a "log scale" checkbox on the "summary pages"
> besides the time range drop-down selector (or a hidden configuration
> option) that would produce the summary graphs with a logarithmic scale on the
> vertical axis. I detest linear scales specially for bandwidth usage :)

The plan is to use the ExtJS graph toolkit to draw those images at client side.
But the current version of ExtJS has a few bugs, and I was unable to get it working.
So I am not sure if you want to step into that now.

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