[pve-devel] Snapshot Tests

Alexandre DERUMIER aderumier at odiso.com
Fri Sep 14 08:57:40 CEST 2012

>>sub storage_has_feature(feature) { 

Yes, I think it could be fine.
add an hashtable with each features, and return 1/undef is the feature is available.

Features when can add : snapshot,savevmstate

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> Dietmar, can we add some property to a storage plugin and check it ? (I really 
> don't like theses hardcoded values) 

I just added that to prevent over-motivated hackers to run untested code ;-) 

The questions is how to implement that cleanly? 

sub storage_has_feature(feature) { 

> >>If you add nexenta then snapshotting works fine except you want to 
> >>include state. 
> >> 
> >>TASK ERROR: VM 102 qmp command 'snapshot-start' failed - Could not 
> >>open 'iscsi:// 
> fd90-f8a0d8edf0b6/6' 
> yes, state can't be writen like this on the iscsi volume.(maybe not 
> impossible). use external file should be more easy. 

We use normal 'vdisks' to store state - I allocate the with vdisk_alloc(). 

Qemu can use those disk for drives, so it must be possible to use them to store 
state. I will do more test. 

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