[pve-devel] Expiration for user in pve-manager/UserEdit.js

Seth Lauzon seth.lauzon at gmail.com
Fri Jul 15 05:28:46 CEST 2011

> I guess the following is good enough:
>                emptyText: 'never',
> what do you think?

The gui looks good, but it does not reset the expire field to never
after setting a date.  Do you have any idea how to make this work?

> I guess the next things are the 'Authentication' panel (add/edit/delete realms), and then the
> 'Permissions' panel.
> Or would you like to work on something different?

I'm happy to work on web gui for now.  We don't want me screwing up
anything else. ;-)

Attached is the diff for the following functionality:

Set Groups for Users
Create/Delete Groups
Authentication Add/Modify/Delete (I'm still cleaning this up.)

In Progress:

Work on Permissions

Do you know how to combine two fields into one submitted?  I'd like to
use the pveRealmComboBox and combine that with a username provided
during creation.  But I need to make the two "dummy" fields not submit
and the userid hidden and combine the two dummy fields.  Do you have
any ideas?

I really appreciate your help with this new language.  Sometimes I
need a nudge in the right direction.

I also found a web show I thought you would find interesting:
The show was all about using proxmox virtualization.

Does proxmox go to any conferences to show off new products?

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