[pmg-devel] Sender threshold alerts

José Manuel Giner jm at ginernet.com
Mon Jan 27 08:52:34 CET 2020

Hi Dietmar,

I use PMG as a relay for outgoing mail, not incoming. That's why in my 
case I can identify when any of my client's accounts have been 
compromised and are sending a high volume of mails.

Not always the SPAM is detected and blocked and then we have this alert 
that allows us to analyze manually and thus have the greatest possible 

At pmgSenderStatistics I have been able to find it without problems, but 
it would be better if I would receive an alert when it exceeds the 

Thank you.

On 27/01/2020 8:08, Dietmar Maurer wrote:
> This is currently not possible. But I doubt this would be
> of much use, because spammers usually change the sender address
> for each mail.
>> On January 27, 2020 7:34 AM José Manuel Giner <jm at ginernet.com> wrote:
>> Hello, in order to detect abusers, it would be possible to define an
>> alert threshold that notifies the administrator when a single sender
>> exceeds this threshold? for example, 100 emails sent per day.
>> Thanks!
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José Manuel Giner

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