[pmg-devel] New filter

Sofiane BENMEKKI sofiane.benmekki at m2ssi.fr
Mon Jun 10 10:33:55 CEST 2019


My needs led me to develop a new filter to rate limit mails for the PMG and I want to share it with the community. 

I already checked the developer documentation. However, I didn't find the process for submitting a new feature. 

The changes are available ont my Github : 

    * For the PMG-API : [ https://github.com/dabi0ne/pmg-api/commit/5a33946c9eab768d12a125e190b2b8a559ea89d7 | https://github.com/dabi0ne/pmg-api/commit/5a33946c9eab768d12a125e190b2b8a559ea89d7 ] 
    * For the PMG-GUI : [ https://github.com/dabi0ne/pmg-gui/commit/9be0fa59fb73f5bc23b5b346b59cae6224e22fd3 | https://github.com/dabi0ne/pmg-gui/commit/9be0fa59fb73f5bc23b5b346b59cae6224e22fd3 ] 

If the added code meets your requirement, could you please tell me how to push it on the project ? 

Feel free to suggest me any improvement or report bugs. 


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