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Christian Heutger christian at heutger.net
Tue Jul 2 10:40:03 CEST 2019



I have a question about the template system. I recently activated some extra scans on PMG, which have to been enable in vxxx.pre files. PMG itself has/had files until v320.pre.in but miss any newer files. As I now did the changes because of that directly in /etc/mail/spamassassin/vxxx.pre, how can I prevent this files from being overwritten once PMG provides additional templates for vxxx.pre? I learned, that the templates of /etc/pmg/templates, if exist, are only used, if they exist there and if templates exist in /var/lib/pmg/templates, they are used as well, although nothing exist in /etc/pmg/templates therefor, so I can’t “block” by not copying anything higher than v320.pre.in to /etc/pmg/templates. Any ideas?




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