[pmg-devel] PMG Add on

Dietmar Maurer dietmar at proxmox.com
Tue Jan 30 09:52:02 CET 2018

Hi Koby,

>  Hello All ,
>  I Currently work with other mail gate way , but it is not flex enough 
>  for my current needs.
>  I just saw the PMG and it very close to what I intended to develop by 
>  my self with the same
>  component plus / minus so it saved me a lot of time.
>  Although I would like to ask please ,
>  1. How can I add more signature db to clam av

Just copy the files to /var/lib/clamav/, the signal clamav to reload the

>  2. How can I add a custom plug-in to SA

modify /etc/mail/spamassassin/custom.cf

>  3. How can I add more AV engine to PMG (maybe plugin..)

I guess we need to modify the source code for that. What engine do you want
to integrate?
>  4. Does the sending of the daily report can be configured to be send as 
>  needed (per client)
>     Let say every 2 hours or so (for example)

No, because this would produce too many useless mails. But a client can simply
open the quarantine GUI (any time).

>  5. There is any option for custom script (better in python) so we can 
>  test mail by script

Sorry, I do not know python, but I assume there is an SMTP client library for
python too.

- Dietmar

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