[pmg-devel] PMG Add on

koby at mksoft.co.il koby at mksoft.co.il
Mon Jan 29 22:03:26 CET 2018

 Hello All ,
 I Currently work with other mail gate way , but it is not flex enough 
 for my current needs.
 I just saw the PMG and it very close to what I intended to develop by 
 my self with the same
 component plus / minus so it saved me a lot of time.
 Although I would like to ask please ,

 1. How can I add more signature db to clam av

 2. How can I add a custom plug-in to SA

 3. How can I add more AV engine to PMG (maybe plugin..)

 4. Does the sending of the daily report can be configured to be send as 
 needed (per client)
    Let say every 2 hours or so (for example)

 5. There is any option for custom script (better in python) so we can 
 test mail by script

 Maybe it is right to think about some plugin option that
 we can add on the fly and by then to contribute to the project.

 Thank you all for your co operation
 Koby Peleg Hen

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