[pbs-devel] Proxmox Backup Server Cloud Backup

Thomas Lamprecht t.lamprecht at proxmox.com
Tue Oct 10 11:18:48 CEST 2023

Am 07/10/2023 um 05:31 schrieb Rodney Wild:
> Sorry about the delay, I have a research grant (from the Sia Foundation) to research the possibility of developing a method of backing up proxmox to the cloud.  The idea would be to develop a module similar to the tape module and add plugin capability to allow for different cloud platforms.  I should be releasing our findings that it is possible to develop such a module and plugin addons.  The first plugin will be be to allow backups in the Sia Storage network.  This will be open source project and if approved I would like to contribute the source back to the proxmox backup project and would like to know the liklyhood of that being entertained so I can add it to my report.  Thank-you for your time.

In generally we plan to add support for S3 off-site syncs, i.e., a
slightly specialized version of sync jobs (a bit closer to tape ones) so
that admins can configure off-site copies to any S3 capable storage.

S3 is widely poplar and while surely it has some shortcomings, like any
tech has, it is proven to work and there are many open source
implementations for server and client, like e.g., a Ceph setup can be
used as S3 target.  Iow., S3 is established and won't go away anytime
soon, if Sia Storage network has a bridge for S3 it would then be
already set.

If you have general contributions for improving/fixing things in one of
our repos feel free to send, but please ensure to follow our developer
documentation's rules and guidelines:


But please note that we cannot give you an upfront guarantee of accepting
any code, as an initial implementation is only a small fraction of the
work, continuous maintenance (which we only can bet on us doing, external
devs often tend to vanish after their changes got in) is much more work.


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