[pbs-devel] [PATCH proxmox-backup v4 0/6] local sync-jobs

Thomas Lamprecht t.lamprecht at proxmox.com
Tue Oct 3 19:17:57 CEST 2023

Am 29/09/2023 um 14:48 schrieb Hannes Laimer:
> Hannes Laimer (6):
>   api2: make Remote for SyncJob optional

nit: please avoid the "2" for "api" commit-subject tags, it was a error to
even make PBS start out with 2 in the first place, and it also doesn't add
relevant info the subject.

>   ui: add support for optional Remote in SyncJob

Shouldn't the UI patch be order last in the series, i.e., full API support
gets added first, then enable it in the UI? Or is this already functional
after only adding the "make Remote for SyncJob optional" patch?

>   manager: add completion for opt. Remote in SyncJob
>   accept a ref to a HttpClient
>   pull: refactor pulling from a datastore
>   pull: add support for pulling from local datastore

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