[pbs-devel] Slow overview of existing backups

Mark Schouten mark at tuxis.nl
Mon Mar 13 13:48:24 CET 2023

So, setting primarycache to metadata does not help. Maybe even makes the 
overview worse.

Requesting one specific customer takes 55 seconds. This is a datastore 
with 334 groups and 2991 snapshots (About 53TB of total data in this 

Mark Schouten, CTO
Tuxis B.V.
mark at tuxis.nl / +31 318 200208

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Subject Re[2]: [pbs-devel] Slow overview of existing backups

>> >- 2 three-way mirrors of 960GB Samsung PM9A3 nvme’s as special devices
>>ah ok, i see you should have fast metadata access because of special device
>That’s what I would expect yes. But maybe I can try to set primarycache to metadata, not sure if that would have a negative impact on prefetching though..
>>what about freshly booting your backup server and issuing
>>zpool iostat -rv
>>after listing backups and observing slowness ?
>There are too many clusters connected to this machine to make it ’silent’ for a while and debugging this.
>>Mark Schouten, CTO
>Tuxis B.V.
>mark at tuxis.nl / +31 318 200208

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