[pbs-devel] Possible problem on NFS storage with release 2-3-3 (??)

dea dea at corep.it
Thu Mar 9 09:52:02 CET 2023

Hello everyone,

I've been using PBS on NFS storage (on several installations) for some 
time now, and I'm used to some kind of performance.
For example, a full SSD datastore (on the NFS datastore) I know takes 2 
hours for a full garbage collect, etc. (datastore from 25 to 300 Tbytes).
This was always the case until release 2.3-2.
After the upgrade to 2.3-3 something changed (ok also to kernel 5.15-85) 
the same datastore that used to be completed in 2 hours, now after 3 
days is 95% in marked mode.

Something does not add up for me (datastore side has not been touched a 
comma), ditto for PBS configuration.

The PBS is in production, as soon as I can I would like to upgrade it to 
kernel 6.1 .... I don't know what could be the cause.

I don't understand.....

Many thanks

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