[PVE-User] pve wiki docs wrong -- shared zfs via iscsi isn't possible

Roland Kletzing devzero at web.de
Thu Feb 29 22:14:50 CET 2024

so, if it's like you tell, why is LVM-thin set to "no" ?

with that paradigm every ordinary filesystem or volume management on top
of SAN storage could be "shared", as long it's not actively being used
by multiple nodes at the same time.

we could for example have BTRFS over iscsi or EXT4 via ISCSI - so why
only ZFS via ISCSI ?

i would say "shared" needs some better explanation/definition here, as
we see it leaves room for speculation


Am 2/29/24 um 8:24 PM schrieb Uwe Sauter:
> I think "shared" is used in the sense of "can be accessed from
> different hosts" but not "simultaniously".
> Like every other block device that is available over the network it is
> up to the file system to coordinate simultaniously access. ZFS is
> unable to do so. But that doesn't mean that it cannot be used from
> different hosts (at different times).
> So this depends on your POV whether ZFS over iSCSI is "shared". But
> technically "shared: true" is right.
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