ZFS over iSCSI wrong ZFS volume path in LIO

Bastian Sebode b.sebode at linet-services.de
Sun Feb 11 01:47:41 CET 2024

Hello Guys,
I just tried the ZFS over iSCSI storage backend.
* 3 PVE Nodes
* 1 Debian 12 with ZFS and iSCSI
To make it work I had to adjust the Volume path in the Proxmox Source in /usr/share/perl5/PVE/Storage/LunCmd/LIO.pm
It states, that the base for the ZFS Volumes on the target would be '/dev', but at least in Debian it is '/dev/zvol'
Lines 416-418
sub get_base {
    return '/dev';
After changing it, I was able to successfully Migrate a Drive to this storage. I also tried an EFI Volume, but that was canceled, any ideas why?
Migration from one node to another also worked, but a ping lost about 5-10 packets during the migration. It felt like on other storage backends this is not the case while live migrating.
Hope this helps for people who also want to try this and may be it gets fixed soon.
Best regards
Bastian Sebode
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