[PVE-User] vmbr0: received packet on bond0 with own address as source address

Stefan Radman stefan.radman at me.com
Tue Feb 28 14:22:16 CET 2023

> STP configuration pratty basic

You might also want to check for frequent STP topology changes (TC), typically coming from edge ports that are not configured with RSTP edge, auto-edge or 802.1D portfast.

Such edge ports will trigger a topology change (TC) every time they change their state (up/down).

Even in a otherwise stable switch topology such changes will cause a flush of mac address tables, resulting in temporary unicast flooding.


Together with an incorrectly configured (or broken) bond this could explain what you are seeing.


> On Feb 27, 2023, at 16:59, Marco Gaiarin <gaio at lilliput.linux.it> wrote:
> Mandi! Ralf Storm
>  In chel di` si favelave...
>> Agreed - saw this before, but only in Loop Situations/Spanning Tree - Errors
> I'm pretty sure there's no loops (a simple star-shaped network) but
> effectively i've an STP configuration pratty basic, all switched in the same
> priority.
> I'll recheck STP configuration, do some test and give some feedback.
> Thanks!
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