[PVE-User] add disk back to raid10

Arjen leesteken+proxmox at pm.me
Mon Feb 27 16:18:41 CET 2023

On Monday, February 27th, 2023 at 15:45, Tonči Stipičević <tonci at suma-informatika.hr> wrote:
> Hello to all,
> I'm playing with zfs arrays. Here you can see former RAID10 because
> there is mirror-0 missing as such , because I unintentionally detached
> all disk references from this mirror-0 that used to be 2-disk mirror
> vdev for this raid10.
> 1. raid10 was OK .... this is also boot raid10
> 2. I physically removed one disk disk and mirror-0 became degraded
> 3. after lot of steps in order to replace one disk, put another-new and
> get all boot staff needed and after lot of unsuccessful tries I
> unintentionally ended up detaching all references of old "faulted" disk
> and mirror-0 was gone
> 4. Now I have unnormal raid with two striped vdevs (see below), but one
> of them is just one disk , and the other one is regular mirror(-1)
> So, now I'm trying to attach/add new disk to this raid10 but in order to
> get mirror-0 like it was before .... How can I reference "add" or
> "attach" to make mirror-0 again (consisting of
> ata-WDC_WD2000F9YZ-09N20L1_WD-WMC5C0D7E3DU-part3 and the new disk ) ?

Just attach the new disk to the existing one to get a mirror:

zpool attach rpool /dev/disk/by-id/ata-WDC_WD2000F9YZ-09N20L1_WD-WMC5C0D7E3DU-part3 /dev/disk/by-id/YOUR_NEW_DISK-part3

Hope this helps, kind regards.

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