[PVE-User] VM shutdown with qemu-guest-agent installed and enabled does not work

Jan Vlach janus at volny.cz
Thu Feb 2 13:34:28 CET 2023

Hello Stefan and pve-users,

just for the record, if anybody searches the archives later:

On Debian >=8, qemu-guest-agent is available and can be installed. In newer qemu-guest-agent version, there is missing dependency in deb package on dbus that is required, so shutdown and other things work. It has been reported as bug (it's in one of the links from Stefan), but unfortunately as of 20230202 even in Debian 11, dbus needs to be installed manually.

I "just" blanket-install dbus on all the versions with qemu-guest-agent and it works.

Have a nice day and thanks again for the help.

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