[PVE-User] System Navigation lost at update to Proxmox version 8

Mechtilde ooo at mechtilde.de
Sun Dec 31 23:37:52 CET 2023


Am 20.11.23 um 08:33 schrieb Dominik Csapak:> hi,
 > can you try using the 'reset layout' option in the 'my settings' menu 
in the top right?

Sorry for the late reaction.

Now I had the time to look deeper into the problem but I can't find a 

I did a screenshot. You can find it here: https://imgur.com/UpinwEL.png

It is different to many others i can find in the net, like 

I didn't find any hint how I can get the possibility to get this entries 
under System.

Maybe someone of you can give me a hint.

Thanks in advance
Mechtilde Stehmann

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