[PVE-User] Security Proxmox Backup Server

Jean-Laurent Ivars jl.ivars at ipgenius.fr
Sat Mar 26 20:24:57 CET 2022

Thank you for your quick answers and advices, I’ll do more research and give restricted access…
The tape backups are not an option as the budget is limited and the datacenter doesn’t propose that option with this server.
Concerning the another physical location it’s already the purpose of the backup server as I already have backups on other disks on the local PVE and also on a network share on a different physical location but directly mounted (and accessible with no protection) on the PVE server so for the whole point of this backup server is to already get a different physical location and since it’s a pretty basic and simple system I could as well setup a rsync script that would retrieve the backups files already managed by the PVE itself on then backup server…
But apparently the creation of a limited account gives me the same kind of security with all the advantages of deduplication, limited bandwidth, scalability of retention etc… so I think I’ll go that way 😉
Thanks again for sharing

Best Regards, 

> Le 27 mars 2022 à 01:59, Dietmar Maurer <dietmar at proxmox.com> a écrit :
>> Let’s say my cluster get hacked !
>> Is there a way it compromises the backups ?
> First, you can use the PBS access control system to limit access...
> A reasonable setup would also:
> 1.) sync the backups to another physical location
> 2.) make tape backups an store the tape offsite

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