[PVE-User] Problem with LXC restore

Bertorello, Marco me at marcobertorello.it
Thu Mar 17 09:37:53 CET 2022

Dear PVE Users,

I'm trying to restore a LXC from backup (PBS), but it fails with this error:

recovering backed-up configuration from 
restoring 'PBS-Local:backup/ct/102/2022-03-14T23:37:06Z' now..
Error: error extracting archive - error at entry "nextcloud.log": failed 
to copy file contents: Disk quota exceeded (os error 122)
TASK ERROR: unable to restore CT 102 - command 
'/usr/bin/proxmox-backup-client restore '--crypt-mode=none' 
ct/102/2022-03-14T23:37:06Z root.pxar /var/lib/lxc/102/rootfs 
--allow-existing-dirs --repository root at pam@' failed: 
exit code 255

The 102 container doesn't exist anymore, so I don't known where this 
quota limit can come from.

Any idea about to succesfully restore my backup?

Thanks a lot and best regards,

Marco Bertorello

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