[PVE-User] Ceph: sudden slow ops, freezes, and slow-downs

Branislav Viest info at branoviest.com
Thu Jun 23 08:54:28 CEST 2022


-1         15.52213  root default                             
-3          5.18097      host node1                           
 0    ssd   1.72699          osd.0       up   1.00000  1.00000
 1    ssd   1.72699          osd.1       up   1.00000  1.00000
 2    ssd   1.72699          osd.2       up   1.00000  1.00000
-5          3.45398      host node2                           
 3    ssd   1.72699          osd.3       up   1.00000  1.00000
 5    ssd   1.72699          osd.5       up   1.00000  1.00000
-7          1.70740      host node3                           
 6    ssd   0.85370          osd.6       up   1.00000  1.00000
 7    ssd   0.85370          osd.7       up   1.00000  1.00000
-9          5.17978      host node4                           
 8    ssd   1.72659          osd.8       up   1.00000  1.00000
 9    ssd   1.72659          osd.9       up   1.00000  1.00000
10    ssd   1.72659          osd.10      up   1.00000  1.00000

Since slow ops are reported the most of the time within multiple OSDs, I did not try to perform tests with some OSDs out. 

Now I check the logs from the last 2-3 days and slow ops are reported mostly on the 5 OSDs from total 10. 

Best Regards

Branislav Brian Viest
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