[PVE-User] Backup to PBS fails

Dietmar Maurer dietmar at proxmox.com
Tue Sep 7 17:22:03 CEST 2021

> > Backup to a Proxmox Backup Server PBS fails though
> root at hbase01 ~ # vzdump 100 --mode snapshot --node hbase01 --compress 
> zstd --all 0 --storage PVE-FE-3 --mailnotification always
> INFO: starting new backup job: vzdump 100 --all 0 --node hbase01 
> --mailnotification always --storage PVE-FE-3 --mode snapshot --compress 
> zstd
> INFO: Starting Backup of VM 100 (qemu)
> INFO: Backup started at 2021-09-07 13:38:31
> INFO: status = stopped
> INFO: backup mode: stop
> INFO: ionice priority: 7
> INFO: VM Name: CentOS-8-100.h.konsec.com
> INFO: include disk 'scsi0' 'pool01:base-100-disk-0' 10G
> INFO: creating Proxmox Backup Server archive 
> 'vm/100/2021-09-07T11:38:31Z'
> INFO: starting kvm to execute backup task
> Use of uninitialized value in split at 
> /usr/share/perl5/PVE/QemuServer/Cloudinit.pm line 100.
> /dev/rbd45
> generating cloud-init ISO
> ERROR: VM 100 qmp command 'backup' failed - backup connect failed: 
> command error: EACCES: Permission denied

This error is not related to backup. Seems the VM is stopped and does
not have a correctly initialize cloud-init ISO.

Please can you try if it is possible to start this VM at all?

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