[PVE-User] pbs prune from commandline ?

Roland devzero at web.de
Mon May 3 18:53:09 CEST 2021


> You can change the prune-schedule via CLI with the manager
> # proxmox-backup-manager datastore update DATASTORE --prune-schedule '...'
yes, thanks

>> i only find prune option with proxmox-backup-client.
> And why exactly doesn't `proxmox-backup-client` counts as CLI?
yes, it counts. but isn't that somewhat pruning "at the remote" level,
where you need a privileged (... at pbs) user for? i find using it
complicated, too.

>> this should be be equivalent to:  pve -> storage -> pbs-ds -> Backup
>> Retention  tab, i.e. it's the prune definition on the client side.
>> shouldn't there exist prune option in proxmox-backup-manager, too !?
> The manager is more for server-admin commands, GC is always a datastore wide operation
> not affecting any backups, so no client notices it.
> Pruning, on the other hand, should be done by the client making the backups itself,
> as it has a big impact on the actual backup availability.
> But the client is available in all our repositories (PBS, PVE, PMG) so you can just
> install it, if not already done, and use that:
> # proxmox-backup-client prune vm/100/2021-03-23T12:32:02Z --keep-last 100
> --keep-daily 42 ...
> If you do not want to always login you can just edit your .bashrc (or whatever your shell uses)
> and setup the environment variables for your local server there.
> https://pbs.proxmox.com/docs/backup-client.html#environment-variables

yes, but i'm just asking because i'd wonder if this is a "consistent"
interface - i don't use prune on the client side and don't think it's
easy to handle to iterate trough every single VM for pruning, as number
of VMs may change and you need to adjust a commandline prune/script.

i simply wonder if there isn't a commandline prune for pruning at
datastore level (like you can do gc or verify via commandline at
datastore level)


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