[PVE-User] ZFZ questions - performance and caching

Gregor Burck gregor at aeppelbroe.de
Tue Mar 30 11:34:22 CEST 2021

Hi Mikhail,

> How do you plan to setup backup on this server? Are you going to use
> Proxmox Backup Server for this, or just plain vzdump files?
sure I plan to use PBS for Backup, in our Testsystem it is brilliant ;-)

I think, our Setup is quite smaller than yours, I calculate that 16 TB  
space for Backup is enough, that's three times the volume that we 've  
used for all VMs complete, and not all VMs are produktive and should  
have to backuped.

The network will be a 10GB too.

But I plan to use the Backupserver as Backup Virtualisation System  
too, so I plan two Raid Pools.
For my opinion the Backup Pool could be 'slower'. The Virtualisation  
Pool should be 'quicker'

So I wonder if I should use the Rais Controller for Rais or as HBA and  
made the Raid over ZFS.
HW Raid is conservativ but with ZFS I've no experience.

So I've to decide between both models.



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