[PVE-User] Windows sever 2016 vm with very high ram usage

Arjen leesteken at protonmail.ch
Fri Mar 26 15:39:13 CET 2021

On Friday, March 26th, 2021 at 15:28, Leandro Roggerone <leandro at tecnetmza.com.ar> wrote:

> Hi guys , Just wanted to share this with you.

> After creating a VM for a windows sever 2016 with 32 GB ram I can

> see continuos high memory usage (about 99-100%).

> I have no running task , since it is a fresh server and from task manager

> can see a 10% of memory usage.

> Regarding those confusing differences, server performance is very bad.

Maybe Proxmox cannot look inside the VM for the actual memory usage because the VirtIO balloon driver is not installed or active? Or maybe the other 90% is in use as Windows file cache?

> User experience is very poor with a non fluent user interface.

> Is there something to do / check to improve this ?

Have you installed the VirtIO drivers for Windows? Are you assigning too many vCPUs or memory? Can you share the VM configuration file? Can you tell us something about your Proxmox hardware and version?

> Any advice would be welcome.

Maybe search the forum for similar Windows performance questions? 


> Thanks.

best of luck, Arjen
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